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Get the customer satisfaction is the main goal of our projects, we think the way to reach it, is to choose the correct location, get the best design thinking in the final client, and do an exhaustive quality control in each of those processes, furthermore, we believe that the election of the materials looking for its best features, design and price, is how we can achieve perfect balance between quality and final price in each dwelling for the future owner.


By initial research of nowadays tendences in design and decoration, we create a blank canvas where to print the character of your future home.


Company low indirect costs ensure the best quality for the same price.


A careful follow-up throughout the construction process in contact with the customer until delivery guarantees us to get your expectations.


Seumon14, based in Barcelona, will offer a wide range of real estate. The company focuses on those who are looking for a property, whether to live or spend vacation periods, and also to those looking for a safe investment in the sector. Our company has a team with a wide experience in property developments which makes us a reliable company; we want our customers to feel confident in an important moment as the acquisition of their property.